Unique, beautiful, amazing! Simply Monaco.

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Story of fascination

Stories of fascination almost always emerge on impulses, be they pleasant or unpleasant, stemming from one’s own experience or intermediated.

This story also started with an unplanned visit to Monaco, which eventually gave life to an unusual project attempting to impersonate and metaphorize all those manifold things and impressions its author had perceived and experienced. It depicts Monaco as a country of special technical and natural phenomena, country of grace, exclusiveness and pleasant people. A country where you can meet your classmate or a movie star anytime.


Unique, beautiful, amazing!
Simply Monaco.



The Monaco artefact is the result of the author’s longest and, at the same time, most favourite artistic challenge.

Its beginnings go back to 2009. Roman Grešák, enchanted by his visit to the second smallest country in the world, felt a need to turn his overwhelming emotions aroused by Monaco into a material format that is able to convey the character of genus loci. A format that captures its specific attributes – luxury, variety, attractiveness.

The first step toward that aim was the selection of material. Monaco is a combination of gold, diamonds and a meteorite. The gold, taking form of tabs, is very precisely placed in the midst of the meteorite. The combination of gold and meteorite is the author’s favourite. He has already employed it with success in his previous work Mole for Sale.

After all, gold has always been an object of desire and conquest, a traditional symbol of power and wealth. It is one of the most popular materials in fine arts. Its plasticity predestines gold for use in the creation of various metamorphoses and manifestations. Conversely, the meteorite is not a common artistic material, and is not at all malleable and formable. This is also an expression of how the author perceives Monaco, the country of many faces.


Though the work is not high, with the size of 265 × 212 mm it weighs incredible 25 kg. The piece of cosmic rock comes from the famous Campo del Cielo in northern Argentina. The meteorite hit the ground about 6,000 years ago. The consonance of the spatial material and gold in the form of Monaco creates a unique artefact expressing the fascination of the country it symbolises.

Monaco miery

Although the final appearance seems to be just random, it is not. The artist carefully formed the posture using special shaping techniques to create, for example, the symbol of the reefs or tunnels which are very characteristic of Monaco.

The work has been completed only recently. Its scent is unrepeatable: one of a film screen. Interestingly, this attribute also evokes an association with the Principality of Monaco.

Roman with Monaco
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